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What do you get when you blend rock with a classical twist? You get Melissa Harrison, a Kent based alternative pianist who۪s carving out her own lane in the music industry. Her unique style puts her in a league of her own particularly, in an industry devoid of true musicianship, her authenticity bleeds out and her passion rains through. She has been able to cultivate her gift of piano since the tender age of six when her fascination with the instrument got the best of her, in her own words she says it captured my imagination.۝ Her life without the...

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The world is drowning in brands. There are 28 millions small businesses in the United States and millions more if we count personal brands. The world is a saturted market and in order to compete you have to stand out. And how do you do so: 1. Be original. Your brand must be original. Being a duplicate will not result in you being a leader in your category or even a true option. Your message won't resonate and consumers won't respect you. People value exclusivity. 2. Boldness. As the saying goes, no risk, no reward. You want to give a...

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1. We daydream. 2. We feel and care about everything even when we don't want to. 3. We've been called 'weird' and actually like it because normalcy is weird. 4. We've been asked to do work for free or for 'exposure' and generally feel insulted by it. 5. Our creative juices flow at the most random times. 6. We can find inspiration in nearly anything. 7. We've been called 'weird' and actually like it because normalcy is weird. 8. We observe everything. 9. We need solitude to recharge. It's not a want. An actual need. 10. We can get lost...

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Hip-hop, soul artist, Anderson Paak has taken the music world by storm. His road to fame while seeming like an overnight success was a long, hard one. With the lyrical skills of a top-notch rapper, along with the soulful vocals reminiscent of a 60's legend, Anderson Paak is unlike any other. He's risky, dazzling and inventive persona teaches us a few things about standing on your own a part from outside opinions. His actions are a recipe for branding greatness. Here's what we learned: 1. Don۪t play it safe. In a hip-hop world full of duplicates and redundant trap and...

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Cooper Phillip, the Russian born, Los Angeles based singer has been consistently captivating the music world for the past few years. Her meteoric rise in popularity and notoriety is astonishing and yet is so deserved. Standing in a league of her own, the singer pours sultry, soulful vocals on top of pop, infectious beats that hypnotizes her listeners and keeps them wanting more. "Low Key" her latest release is quite frankly a 'must-hear.' The production on the track is refreshing - featuring a blend of electronic dance drums and an urban vibe complete with a compelling kick drum that pushes...

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