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Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10Production: 9/10Lyrics: 8.5/10Melody: 9/10Execution: 9/10Subject Matter: 8/10Replay Value: 10/10Originality: 9/10Skip or Spin: Spin From the very start, Saay Park's "Hobby" captivates with what seems to be reminiscent of a classic sample with voices layered on top of each other that add an undeniable richness to the track. "Hobby" overall boasts a mellow feel yet is equally elegant and beautifully emotive. The sample amplifies the catchiness of the production that smoothly breaks when Saay Park begins his verse.  The authenticity of his vocals ring out as he proclaims, "Tell me what you want from me" in a seductive way...

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Not every day do we get hip-hop artists who set a new flame in today's industry that can't be duplicated. Monti Korbelle is that. Standing solo in a lane carved out for him he announced his debut album, "Global Carbon Tax Economy." This release could not come at a stronger time. It's politically-motivated nature makes the impact that we need. The musical depth of the project is noteworthy - featuring several vocalists and showcasing the various stylings of Korbelle's lyrical inspirations.  He dares to make a bold statement in a world where being politically incorrect is a taboo - he...

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