Monti Korbelle Taking Hip-Hop To New Heights In A 'Global' Way

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Monti Korbelle Taking Hip-Hop To New Heights In A 'Global' Way

Not every day do we get hip-hop artists who set a new flame in today's industry that can't be duplicated. Monti Korbelle is that. Standing solo in a lane carved out for him he announced his debut album, "Global Carbon Tax Economy."

This release could not come at a stronger time. It's politically-motivated nature makes the impact that we need. The musical depth of the project is noteworthy - featuring several vocalists and showcasing the various stylings of Korbelle's lyrical inspirations. 

He dares to make a bold statement in a world where being politically incorrect is a taboo - he vividly proclaims his frustrations with "being bipartisan in an unpredictably polarized world." Music with meaning are rare gems in the current state of music - to be a musician who attempts to tackle these kinds of topics without any hesitation and pure authenticity puts Korbelle above his peers. 

No stranger to making music, Korbelle rebranded himself after releasing several successful projects under the moniker Capricanno. "Global Carbon Tax Economy" is the world's introduction to the new performer - the new voice - Monti Korbelle.

Politics is the motivating factor for this release, he states, "as an American, I've noticed that politics in the US have been objectively crazy since the 2016 election. It is hard for me to not look away from the spectacle, but it's even more difficult to choose a side as many close to me have.” A subject, like the rest of the world, incites intense feelings in Korbelle that he does a powerful job at revealing through the gift of music. Not taking either side fully, he's able to bring the ideologies of both political parties in a way that intrigues a vast spectrum of listeners.

The epic and expressive sound created by Monti Korbelle comes from own vision alongside a collaboration of vocalists -- Esvi, Dora Pereli, Oh Well, Kayego, Jonny.II.X, Jemma, King Marino, Carson, and Bancsquiat.

"Global Carbon Tax Economy" is more than a song - it's a body of art - a statement and it's available now on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify. To keep up with the artist that is Monti Korbelle, visit: