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I Am The Industry helped me make $1200 in 24 hours and $8,000 in one week on Instagram. I never made any money online before they built a strategy for me.

Clurel Henderson, @nycvocalcharmschool

Much love to I Am The Industry for all the work they put in to helping creatives build their brand!

No Malice, @nomalice757, of the Grammy nominated CLIPSE

This is the BEST place for artists and creatives, they've really helped me grow!

Cooper Philip, @cooperphillip, International MasterClass teacher and artist

I appreciated working with the IATI team, the work they’ve done for me reflects their authentic commitment to creatives.

Braxton Cook, @braxton_cook

Appreciate you guys HARD! Thanks so much, you guys are LEGENDS!!"

Adrian Eagle, @a.eagle

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