Mike Sarge's 'No-Go' Delivers From Start To Finish

Mike Sarge's 'No-Go' Delivers From Start To Finish

[Single]: No-Go
[Artist]: Mike Sarge

Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10
Production: 9.6/10
Lyrics: 9/10
Melody: 9/10
Execution: 9/10
Subject Matter: 8.2/10
Replay Value: 10/10
Originality: 8/10

Rarely these days do you hear a sound that captures the listener in the first second of playing... this is what Mike Sarge's 'No-Go' does in an effortless way. 

The tone and commanding vocals has just the perfect tinge of the 'chopped and screwed' effect added that makes this intro an instant attention grabber. From there, Mike Sarge makes his presence known -- his energy and intensity is instantly felt from the start of the catchy chorus. 

The passionate rapper’s debut single gives an honest and direct message about reality or lack thereof on top of production that forces you to nod your head in agreement. Mike Sarge gives voice to a large majority of people in today's climate who feel the same way but aren't skilled to vocalize it in the clever way that he does. Nonetheless his message resounds speaking to an entire generation as he exclaims "all that capping is a no-go." 

Sarge rides the beat like a hungry artist who's waited his entire career for this exact moment to shine and he delivers. Unlike a vast majority of his peers, he paints a realistic picture of what he means to be hungry while maintaining the daily grind -- a relatability that is largely missing in hip-hop today. "Punching the clock, hitting the road, I go go like gadget," he raps with just enough conviction that makes you believe every word. 

The breakdown after each verse slows the track down just enough to add versatility while simultaneously peaking your interest to see where it will go next as it lends the perfect build up back into the chorus.

At his best, Sarge straddles the line between his bravado and confident wit while finding the perfect balance between the two. Each verse packs the same high-powered energy and wordplay that assures the listeners he took no shortcuts. His punchlines are remarkable but what's more notable than the lines themselves is the stylish delivery and flow that makes him move lockstep with the best of the best. 

He can be confidently vulnerable about his journey ("I'm the same guy, with the new vibe/Got the same heart, with the new mind") that fuels his passion to rap about his present. 

Mike Sarge's, "No-Go" definitely has high replay value and gets our stamp of approval. To follow Mike Sarge, visit: 


"No-Go" is available on all streaming platforms.