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Why The Mystery Behind R&B's Desii Stone Is One You NEED To Uncover

She smoked a joint with Wiz Khalifa on his tour bus... and that's cool, but that's not why we're here. Desii Stone is a face of this generation's R&B that you might as well get used to. Backed by smooth vocals, melancholic lyrics and hard-hitting trap drums and 808's, her songs provide you with all the feels. When asked to describe herself, the enigmatic songstress replied with a story about a dream she had when a king dressed in all gold told her she was,"the one who will save and replenish souls through music because she's the most rebellious one." Growing up with a strict mother, she became a loner and found herself writing poems to escape the loneliness. In her words, "eye would talk about things that eye wished my mom would let me do." She slowly found her poems turning into songs and when her mother brought Ashanti's first album for her, her dream of becoming an artist was born. Hercreative process now consists of taking a few drops from a bottle called Genius Juice, a natural product that helps with focus and calms your energy. True to her craft and authenticity, she says after about six drops of the juice she finds a beat, presses record and freestyles. She freestyles "because there is no manipulation, only feelings" and "once the melody is set God takes over and my lyrics are formed and magik happens. i'm left in awe after every single song." And we are too. Unlike the typical millennial, her instagram presence is minimal, maxing out at around 20 colorful posts but is enough to keep you wondering just who in the world she is. Desii Stone۪s music is cryptic, personal, and possesses a smoky feel that sets her apart from any other R&B we've heard. She's even dubbed her own genre, Magik. She's currently working on an EP and released a mixtape on Soundcloud titled, "The Effect." It consists of 12 love songs that were all inspired from real-life situations...ones we can all relate to. We expect and look forward to magical things from Desii Stone this year! Follow her for more on instagram at@desiistone.