Timothy Léon Is This Generation's New Master Of 'Soul'

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Timothy Léon Is This Generation's New Master Of 'Soul'

Much needed in the industry today are artists that are passionate, highly skilled and make you FEEL the music that we as listeners desperately need. In a world of oversaturation, Timothy Léon is that artist AND more. 
He has mastered the meaning of what an artist truly is and lives by it in his artistry. In his own powerful words, he believes "that as an artist, and a believer; my job in the marketplace is to remind people of God's divinity." And that is the same divinity that is captured in his music. The powerful messages backed by effortlessly vocals is what makes him stand a part from the rest. 
His musical creations aren't bogged down by trends or formulas to stay relevant - his work is a reflection of the raw authenticity that he brings. He is the epitome of "the perfect balance between that glamour and humility."  Timothy Léon doesn't allow the confines of the current state of music to cage his creativity as he boldly proclaims that "
our art should express the fullness of our expression. I refuse to be an artist that chooses to simmer down his fire because his work needed to be digestible. I believe that is a direct dis to those that listen to our music and experience our art. I should never paint the picture that my audience is too shallow to understand the depth of my creative expression. "


Hailing from Southwest Georgia and growing up in a strong faith-based family, his roots make him breathe life into his soulful pieces. Although he is a true craftsmen of R&B and soul, he knows no limits -- Léon's multi-octave vocal range reminscent of the legendary greats such as Prince, Stevie Wonder among others, allows him to effortlessly execute various musical styles and a range of genres. 

Now is the time for us to experience an artist like Timothy Léon.

One who buries his soul deep within the essence of his work and births timeless music that will last us a lifetime. An artist that transcends time in an industry full of lackluster carbon copies and disposable artistry. We look forward to his musical journey and anticipate nothing but greatness. 

Currently his latest piece, "You" is now streaming everywhere and is available to watch on Youtube. 

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