Single Review: Saay Park Takes You On a 'Twisted' Ride

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Single Review: Saay Park Takes You On a 'Twisted' Ride

: Twisted
: Saay Park
Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10
Production: 7.5/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Melody: 7/10
Execution: 9/10
Subject Matter: 7/10
Replay Value: 9/10
Originality: 9/10
Skip or Spin: Spin

With no time wasted, Saay Park's Twisted has an energy that pulls you right in. Ironically, as the title of the song states, the poppy, upbeat production driven by insistent synths does indeed take you on a 'Twisted,' sensual ride.

A song like Twisted centers around a simple melody and Park's pulsing electric drums, creating a hypnotizing aura over the course of the song as the melody lodges itself in your brain. The R&B upstart, Saay Park has fully mastered what it takes to entice his listeners through storytelling and creating a sense of suspense, as he glides through his lyrics telling his subject, "Tell me that you love me baby, tell me that you love me baby, tell me that you love me baby..." each time enhancing his conviction.

Because the production and vocal style is anything but generic, we get to experience the airy, sensual and lazily cool flow and inflections that may potentially become his signature sound.

The tantalizing rhythm, bouncy percussion allows it to compete with while separating it from the vast majority of club-oriented R&B. Saay Park cooly breaks the rules of what a fusion of R&B, pop and a tad of electronic-dance looks like leaving us to anxiously want more.

Check out the single below: