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Omari Banks Expresses How Love Happens "Naturally"

Reggae recording artist Omari Banks hails from the beautiful island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. He has been playing music for years and is planning for an album release in 2017. In the meantime, fans have the Clive Hunt co-produced track "Naturally" to listen to. Omari is demonstrating his message of love as well as expanding our consciousness through traditional Jamaican Reggae music. But it is much more than just reggae. There is also a contemporary R&B pulse that can be felt in the music. You'll notice this when listening to "Naturally," co-produced and written by Banks himself. It's easy to immediately think of artists like Stevie Wonder when listening to Omari's vocals, in addition to the instrumentation behind him. That's actually no exaggeration. It wouldn't at all be surprising if Omari found Wonder to be an inspiration in some form or fashion. The song itself is all about love, in its purest form. "Love me, love me, love me...naturally," he begins the song. Omari is describing his feelings for a woman he is clearly head over heels for. But what's perfect is how pure their love is. How she loves him "so naturally." In that way, it is a classic love song in every sense of the word. "I'll tell it how it is, yes you know for sure / I'll give my love to you, te amo, big city girl." Furthermore, the track serenades you with its romantic musicianship and optimism. It uses that bass guitar very nicely, without sounding too think or heavy in the production. Great chord progression. The horn section is one of the more memorable aspects and makes an impression. Very soothing and quite melodic. It's natural for anybody to love Omari Banks after hearing this song. Luckily, you'll get this and a lot more when you take a listen to the rest of his catalogue. He's coming off of a European tour as part of Grammy Nominated reggae band Morgan Heritage's Strictly Roots۝ World tour. Hopefully his reach will continue to grow.