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NYC Wordsmith Ciph Is 'Searching'

: Searching : Ciph Boogie Overall Grade/Rating: 8.6/10 Production: 9/10 Lyrics: 9/10 Melody: 9/10 Execution: 8.5/10 Subject Matter: 9/10 Replay Value: 9/10 Originality: 7/10 Spin or Skip: Spin Ciph Boogie wanted to start the year off with something for the empaths. His latest single isn't something you'd find in his usual repertoire. His new spoken word inspired single, "Searching," dives deep into the emotional part of humanity. By revealing the vulnerability of the soul, listeners are advised that searching is necessary to secure the truth. The Chris Prythm produced track is just as inspiring as the poem itself. The sampling and beat-breaking Prythm implements vibes nicely along, and keeps up with Ciph's various inflections and moods. For purists this is as raw as it can get. It's a mountainous lyrical adventure with every line requiring listeners to engage, for instance, "I'm searching for the words that will satisfy my soul." In other words, do you know the words to satisfy your soul? What answers are you searching for? Lines like these throughout the poem are so abstract yet fulfilling. There are moments during the poem that are too oversimplified (taking into account he's searching for only those words to satisfy his soul). The Disney moviesque vibe sets in with the simple, predictable, word scheming. Picture Disney working on the latest Air Bud film and there's that inspirational scene right before the climactic ending. Air Bud shoots a ball from his nose, "Searching" begins to play. That doesn't take anything away from how skillful and creative Ciph is, and also how great it is to have an emcee that still pays homage to the roots and soul of hiphop.