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J-Shin Sparks a Love Revival with His New Single "Lips"

With poise and a timeless quality to his voice, J-shine delivers a much-needed message for the times on his latest single "Lips." The concept behind the song challenges the current "Bump n Grind" mantra that has withstood the past 20 years in r&b.

Shin's approach to grown and sexy is a derivative of Jermaine Stewart's 1986 hit "We Don't Have To..." With his infatuation of his prospect's lips, but maintains that intimacy goes beyond the physical when he sings out "girl I wanna make love to your soul and not your body..."

There's much to appreciate with "Lips" aside from the clean cut, crisp production and melody that avoids succumbing to the current trap-soul craze. Shin's sapio-sexual anthem is a part of the new classy movement that makes it cool to be less explicit, less revealing, and more appreciative of love.

The true definition of "Boys II Men," Shin gives listeners the mature side of manhood with lyrics such as, "you don't have to worry 'bout the money... I'll be the best man that ya had in ya life," and "I wanna throw petals at ya feet, sometimes have dinner on the beach. If these lyrics are not refreshing, and uplifting to women who۪ve lost hope in finding a gentleman, then what is?


In the midst of the traditionally booty-bass port city known for it۪s hyper-sexualized music scene, Shin and G Tek make a bold statement with Lips.۝ Written by Shin and produced by Tek, the single is guaranteed to stay on repeat. The up-tempo beat adds to the appeal of what to play in the background during pre-gaming festivities before the club, but mellow enough not to drown out Shin۪s message.

Shin's love revival may catch fire, and start a new trend or at least give listeners an option outside of the norm. Follow J-shin on instagram, @therealjshine; on Soundcloud, soundcloud.com/supat-records/lips; and pick up the single on iTunes.