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Chicago's Lili K Is Showing Us That Women Are "Magic"

Lili K is really starting to blow up and I couldn't be more thrilled. Last year, Tidal named Lili K as their first ever Tidal Rising artist. That same year she released her debut album Ruby, which is an incredible gem of jazz and soul music. Prior to that, you may have heard her fabulous vocal talents on Chance the Rapper's #10Day or Acid Rap mixtapes. But she is building quite a nice body of music on her own, with The Lili K. Band. She herself is a gem, having studied jazz, opera, classical, and music theory at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. This week, Mass Appeal debuted a pretty spectacular music video from her upcoming second album, Planet Of Flowers. "Magic" is all about female empowerment, and more specifically, ending male patriarchy and sexism. Lili is doing away with the notion of boys-will-be-boys," no longer making excuses for misogynistic behavior. The video, as well as the song's lyrics, highlight just how destructive these standards society places on women can actually be. The other four women represented in the video are also a highlight. We see a difference in their age, skin complexion, race and weight. That inclusivity is important. https://twitter.com/LiliKjazz/status/793492580352794625 Lili did an interview with MA in which she discussed the meaning of the song. The "not all men" type need not reply to it's message. "There are tons of wonderful men who admire and encourage and support women, and this song isn۪t about those men. This song was written to call out the toxic hyper-masculinity, sexism, and misogyny that exists in this world. And to remind women that despite all of these things, we are magical." So check out the video for "Magic" up above. Leave your thoughts below. Planet Of Flowers will be released in February of 2017.