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Cash Sinatra Is Making His Mark on Lyrical Hip-Hop

In an industry where lyrics don't seem to matter, Cash Sinatra proves why they do and always will. Hailing from New York City as the self-proclaimed "hip-hop philanthropist," Cash Sinatra has made it his personal mission to revive the spirit of hip-hop. His music is deeper than simple entertainment - deeper than the amount of money he has, the cars he's bought, or the amount of women he's been involved with. It is meaningful and satisfies the true meaning of what music should do -- change lives. Cash Sinatra is a breath of fresh air in a muggy loop of songs and rappers that all sound the same. Where most lyrical rappers have a hard time fusing the seriousness of their lyrics with beats and hooks that still bop, Cash Sinatra has discovered the sweet spot. Yes, you can listen, feel the realness... and still catch a wave. Inside of his impassioned vocals, you can hear the artistic integrity and real life experiences that touches the hearts of the listeners. Now, the buzz-worthy emcee is poised to take hip hop by storm, and his impending ascent into the ears of the masses is one we're looking forward to. You can listen to his thought-provoking project, Life After Sinbelow and follow his journey on social media@cashsinatra.