Braemere Arik Is New Age Rap's Latest Wave

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Braemere Arik Is New Age Rap's Latest Wave

Hailing from McKeesport Pennsylvania, and destined to make it big time, Braemere Arik is your next great artist.

The rapper's roots in hip-hop, R&B, and classic slow jams, made have the perfect transition into his own as a new age rap/sing artist. Taking both his music and his business into his own hands, he is the CEO of his own Record Company called Only Speak Real Records.

His journey into music first came about at the tender age of 7, when Braemere Arik was dubbed B-Money, a name further alluding to his future business acumen. It's when he turned 18, however that is passion began to take a strong hold recording music and becoming the ultimate freestyler among his peers. Unlike most artists, he honed his skills to compete with the best and it's evident. 

One of his rituals include listening to his favorite artists to gain the confidence and inspiration to start his own creative process. Braemere Arik's influences include hip-hop heavyweights like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Tupac and many more. His R&B influence allows him to add a smoothness and melodic feel to his repertoire standing out among the rest. In his own words, his style his best describes as "creative flows mixed with meaningful lyrics." His music wreaks of great storytelling with R&B melodic moments of his life as a young black male poverty stricken yet well-known. To perfect his art and widen his appeal, he implements a mix of old school and new school hip hop.

We expect to see great things from Braemere Arik in the upcoming year. His goals include being signed to Roc Nation, releasing an album and going on tour. 

Follow his journey on instagram @braemerearik!