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Born Gifted Has A New Move۝

: Move
: Born Gifted
Overall Grade/Rating: 8.9/10 Production: 9.6/10 Lyrics: 9/10 Melody: 9/10 Execution: 8.9/10 Subject Matter: 8.2/10 Replay Value: 10/10 Originality: 8/10
The Big Apple۪s own Born Gifted steps away from r&b ooooh-yeahs and oooh-baby ad libs with a refreshing island jam. It۪s hard to ignore how influential world music has been in shaping pop in the last few years. Drake۪s More Life showcased how pliable elements of world music can be when it comes to fusing it with American sounds. Wale even had a hit on his recent full length project with My Love,۝ a Nigerian pop inspired single. In 2018, the list of artists toying with these sounds has grown. While some succeed, it۪s Saturday Night Live skit worthy when an artist blunders it (Drake۪s many accents on ML). It takes authenticity to really create the feeling that artists are seeking to capture. With his island boy poise, Born Gifted is able to bring along with him that REALNESS on his latest single Move.۝ Gifted is definitely an experimenter of sorts, shifting gears from the energy on last Summer۪s Runnin۪ N Place۝ video that was filmed on Coney Island. The video featured Gifted and friends running in place, literally. Move۝ is more special, however, because of Gifted۪s naturalness; he doesn۪t seem manufactured.