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You Need To Give Benjamin Starr His "Flowers" And Realize His Talent

South Carolina rapper Benjamin Starr has delivered a nice surprise for his fans on the day of his birthday. If you're not familiar with him, today is the perfect day to listen in. He originally grew up in a very small town in SC with his mother. She eventually ended up working at the Department of Social Services, his sister was a poet and his grandma was a school teacher. This helped shaped him growing up, becoming a socially conscious artist as well as an activist. Starr's first project was The Experience in 2011. Also later that year came The Scorsese Sessions. In 2012 he released Guns-N-Roses, then in 2013, The Souloist EP. And in 2015, Benjamin Starr released his best work to date, his album Free Lunch. The name comes from the Black Panther Party۪s free breakfast program. And that leads us back to today. Starr just released his newest single, "Flowers," also featuring Matt Monday. With production from SwaVay & Kurious George, Benjamin displays his excellent skills on the mic. He's a real spitter as well as a lyricist, and there is charisma oozing all over this track. His boisterous vocal energy and flow is a nice contrast to the chill, slick and slightly moody production. You can't deny his talent, and he knows this and is letting you know. Check out Benjamin Starr on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Listen to "Flowers" up above and leave your comments down below.