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IG growth is CRITICAL in this era: it will literally MAKE or BREAK your career, business or brand. We offer coaching at this extremely discounted rate for A WEEK long to truly maximize and turn your account around.
  1. Most people are clueless about how to grow their IG accounts - it's tough and takes strategy but it can be done. We've done it times over.
  2. Our customized instagram audit is a complete action plan to totally restructure and design your page so that you will WIN whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, public figure or business. 
Your content MATTERS - we create it for you from your bio, down to your captions.
Here's what's included.
  • Full analysis & analytics report of your account: (Followers Overview, Growth Measurement, Most Engaging Posts, Engagement Rate, Hashtags)
  • Content Overview: strengths & weaknesses
  • Fully Customized Action Plan
  • 7 Original Content Posts with caption and design created specifically as a template that you can easily duplicate
  • Critique of your content
  • Analyze and report your engagement rate
  • Username assessment + customization
  • Bio assessment + customization
  • Relevant niche hashtag research
  • Define and analyze 5 influencer accounts based on your niche

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